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Spanish for teachers :
Spanish courses in Spain  

This is a sample of a typical Spanish for Teachers programme and is subject to variation in both timings and content.

This course is designed for non-native speakers of Spanish who are already practising teachers of Spanish.
A participant may take either or both weeks.

In the Methodology sessions our trainers will present ideas and materials but the participants will be expected to contribute both by active participation in debate and by sharing experiences and ideas.


08.30 – 12.30


Intensive Course of Advanced Spanish
Entry Level: B2 / C1

Objective: perfect and develop Spanish language skills and observe through participation in classes given by our teachers.



Advanced grammar and syntax: grammatical exceptions and precisions, nuances, etc.

Advanced vocabulary: Sayings and expressions, slang, Latin American comparisons etc.

Aspects of Latin American cultures: Cinema, festivals, literature, art etc.



12.40 – 14.30


Week 1 methodology content.


Week 2 methodology content.





Ice-breakers and creating interaction in the classroom.


Use of songs.




Games for grammar and vocabulary.


Writing skills: ideas for skill development.




TIC in the classroom 1.


TIC in the classroom 2.




Reading comprehension: ideas and debate.


Culture as a teaching tool.




Materials workshop 1: presentation and discussion of books.


Materials workshop 2: debate on advantages and uses of commonly used textbooks.

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