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One to one
Spanish courses in Spain  

Add individual classes to tailor your Spanish course.
Individual classes are great for students who are following the Intensive or Super-Intensive Spanish course and wish to address specific issues during their individual classes or use it to recap and cement what they have learned.
We also provide tailor made, intensive one to one programs covering 4 or 6 hours per day for up to four weeks.


Individual classes are a great way to progress really fast learning Spanish or review key specific issues.
The classes can be tailor-made to your specific needs (exam preparation, living in Spain vocabulary, interview practice etc.) and are well worth the investment.
A lot of our students add a number of individual Spanish classes to their weekly Intensive Course to work on specific issues or to simply practice more intensely what has been taught in class. Check out our super intensive program which combines group and individual classes.

Individual classes Course design Course objectives
Level: all levels
From just 1 lesson to year long programs with a time table to suit your needs
In accordance with client wishes
To identify and address specific issues on a 1:1 personal basis

One to one Courses Price:
One to one 24€ per hour

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