Preparación de exámenes oficiales
Comenzamos la reserva de plazas para el curso de verano en IRLANDA!! NO TE QUEDES SIN PLAZA!!                 Y como novedad: Canadá                 Puede solicitar más información llamando al 94 445 73 04
Virtual classroom
For years Capital Languages has been developing a system which support to all the contents taught in class. The aim of our Virtual classroom is to allow the students to work on his / her own from home reinforcing all the lessons taught in class. His virtual classroom is specifically designed for individuals or larger organizations such as schools or companies worldwide.

After 35 years in the Language Sector Capital Languages has developed a large range of contents wich are now available to all our students and clients. All these contents are divided in units and levels adequate for everybody.

Another advantage of our virtual classroom is that students who wish to take official exams have them online so they can work from home too.


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